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HR Ask Me has provided human resources advice and support across Canada to a range of small, medium and large businesses and organizations including media companies, governments at all levels, utilities and energy companies. We will go wherever the client need us to go.

I have four decades of leadership and HR management and consulting experience – seven years in the Canadian army, thirty years with one of Canada’s premier corporations and six years of consulting.

In business, I have managed a corporate recruitment function, the capability development group, the HR systems and compensation team and the HR advisory support teams to major operating and staff departments. I’ve been responsible for recruitment initiatives, orientation, development and mentoring programs, organizational effectiveness plans, management training courses and for succession planning processes for management and senior technical professionals. I’ve coached managers and employees in open and effective communications leading to improved relationships within departments and work groups. I’ve also provided HR planning and support for more than a dozen asset sales and closures.

In the field of harassment and respect in the workplace, I have supported the CBC via Ellicom (as a subject matter expert on e-learning content), and am supporting TorStar and the City of Vaughan with the development and communication of their policies.

I have recently completed with a colleague a culture review for a major client. This review led to significant recommendations to improve their operational culture.

I am also a frequent contributor to the Financial Post and ProfitGuide.com writing on Human Resources subjects.

Martin G. Birt - Owner

Glenn R. French - Associate

Mr. French is the President and CEO of the Canadian Initiative on Workplace Violence, based in Toronto, Canada. Within the mental health field, Mr. French has held many senior administrative and clinical positions within both the private and public sectors. Many of Canada’s leading organizations interested in the safety and wellbeing of their employees have retained him.

Established in 1998, the Canadian Initiative is a consultancy that studies trends in workplace conduct within Canada. In addition, they research and catalogue the practices, which organizations and unions are employing to reduce the risk of workplace aggression. The Canadian Initiative is committed to the sharing of this information with others who are interested in arriving at a better understanding of violence from a Canadian perspective and what we can do to prevent it. In addition, the Canadian Initiative works with employers to set policies and procedures, conduct organizational risk assessments, as well as, provide a wide range of educational programs for both employees and management.

The Canadian Initiative has been showcased on the CBC (The National), CITY TV, CTV, Global Television, within The National Post, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, MacLean’s Magazine and multiple print dailies across Canada, as well as wide coverage on radio and trade publications, including Public Safety Canada's Prevention Magazine.

In 2001, the Canadian Initiative partnered with the Federal Government in planning for the first North American conference on workplace violence as part of the North American Agreement on Labour Cooperation, including both United States and Mexico. Mr. French was invited to address the 9th Global Conference on Occupational Health and Safety sponsored in part by the World Health Organization held in Merida, Mexico where he tabled his most recent paper entitled "Towards a Global Standard for Workplace Conduct". He has also been an invited speaker for such organizations as the American Federation of Labour, Osgoode Law School and the Canadian Human Rights Commission to name but a few.

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At HR Ask Me we combine decades of human resources management and leadership experience with an ongoing commitment to making our clients better, stronger and more successful.

To be honest, we’ve probably seen it all. We can help clients solve immediate HR issues. Perhaps more importantly we can help clients take proactive advantage of opportunities to improve their operations over the long term. We are flexible.

We won’t try to impose off the shelf cookie cutter solutions. Our advice and support will reflect the unique realities of your organization.

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